“WTFM?” is the first release from the iRule Music Experience. The audio magazine gives the listener a glimpse at what to expect from the radio show, digital magazine and mixtape. It includes 6 articles, written and performed by Khem Na'khi and 6 featured artists; Michelle Amador, Jose James, Jessi Colasante, Taylor McFerrin, Pursuit Grooves, and Rahsaan Patterson. There are 16 tracks of nonstop music, forward thinking information and opportunities for the people, whether you're a music fan, artist or have your own label. After a close listen you will definitely understand what the iRule Music Experience is about.

The audio magazine is evolutionary. With the track, "Letter From the Editor", (which is the same as the Editorial Notes found at the beginning of every magazine) Khem Na'khi gives you a break down of what he's trying to accomplish with the iRule Music Experience as well as give you a summary of what to expect from the magazine. The articles touch on various issues including the positive and negative effects of file sharing, the quality and worth of an artist's music and how the music fans can preserve the listening experience though sites such as Blip.fm. The featured artists are the highlights of the magazine. The progressive and inspiring Michelle Amador leads the way with her ambient and broken beat influenced song, "Higher", which is the first single from her soon to be released album, "Higher". The eclectic and thought provoking, Jose James follows with his song, "Park Bench People", which is an ode to homeless people all over the world. As the tempo slows down, the soulful and sensational, Jessi Colasante turns it up a notch with her uplifting song, "Finally I'm Me". Taylor McFerrin, beat boxer and producer, representing the future of Hip Hop follows with the song, "Georgia", from his newly released Broken Vibes EP. Pursuit Grooves picks up where Taylor left off and brings the vibe to a more electronic, but melodic feel with her remix of Cybil’s, “Walk On By. And last, but not least, the vibrant and soothing voice of Rahsan Paterson closes with his song “Feels Good” from his latest “Spirits & Wine” CD.

Being the first release for the iRule Music Experience, this magazine surely sets high expectations for future releases. This project is the first of its kind and the anticipation for the next release, "The Understanding", will definitely be in high demand. As Khem Na'khi states, "This is what I feel the future of music is about from an artistic perspective. We have to go above and beyond to add more interest and value to our music projects. However, this is not my project; this is our project!"