With social media positioning itself as the future medium for promotion, distribution, and communication, this opens the window of opportunity for the music industry to begin exploring new possibilities. Social media is still in its infancy stages and the masses are still experimenting trying to make sense of this new reality. As the internet becomes more intelligent and more developers begin to create more advanced platforms that are user friendly and free to use, this gives new meaning to the acronym DIY (Do-It-Yourself). 

Within the music industry, music fans are able to discover new music and create conversation and communities around the music effortlessly. Music artists are able to promote, distribute, and communicate with their fan base more effectively. And music labels are able to manage and expand the platforms of the music fan and artist more efficiently. The days of opening your own music store, producing and distributing your album, and/or starting your own label is less expensive, possibly free, than it is now. The digital age is upon us and we have yet to see the power and the essence of this pivotal moment. Being that we're witnessing the unfolding of a new era; where do we start? And how do we position ourselves for future success in the music industry?

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